Voice broadcasting

Voice messaging combines the personal touch of a human voice with advanced technology that allows you to communicate with hundreds or thousands of people with a single telephone call. Simply put, it's a pre-recorded message people can hear when they pick up their landline or mobile phones.

Voice marketing has been an integral component of top businesses' marketing mix and strategy to consumers for years. It provides your business with a platform to execute voice marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your store, website or event, while increasing customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction. Announce special sales, cross-sell complimentary products or services, and generate incremental sales.


  • Schedule and Manage Calls

    Take complete control over scheduling of calls, stop/ pause your broadcast campaigns at any time.

  • Realtime reports

    Why wait to receive reports from an account manager? Access real-time broadcast reports on the web whenever you want.

  • Text-To-Speech

    Converts typed text to an audio file and delivers a natural-sounding voice message.

  • Live Transfer

    Allows call recipients to use a touch-tone response to connect back to a live person.